T3.E1.03 Advanced Management Practice Part 3 of 4

High fidelity supported employment programs maintain a commitment to gathering, analyzing and incorporate customer satisfaction and environmental scanning data into their strategic and continuous quality improvement processes.  This webinar will springboard off from those quality and fidelity indicators of the NYS CASE BenchmarkSE online tool and explore practical strategies, approaches and instruments that can assist supported employment programs in enhancing their customer satisfaction and environmental scanning practices.  Often supported employment programs take a one dimensional approach to customer satisfaction surveys—focusing on the individual with a disability to the exclusion of the other constituents like community partners, business, and internal stakeholders.   Similarly, when engaging in environmental scanning, supported employment program vision can become myopic—focusing only on what is in front of them instead of looking up at what might be in the distance or coming at them from the side.  These can both be detriments to the effectiveness of the supported employment program and overall fidelity of the program.  Participants will understand the importance of improving their program fidelity in these two important areas and be equipped with tools and resources they can operationalize in their own settings.


February 1, 2018
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM