T3.E1.04 Advanced Management Practice Part 4 of 4

By design, supported employment is a “model of person centered services”. Yet, we often grapple with balancing the competing values of being person centered with job driven demand resulting in the possibility of mixed messaging. High fidelity supported employment programs foster an environment of obtaining feedback and adopting a culture of aligning services with quality indicators and evidence-based person centered practices.
In this webinar we will highlight several key leadership practices and strategies to design conversations, tools, and methods to assess the degree to which person centered practices are taking place in your supported employment program. We will explore existing quality indicator tools and resources available to guide our personnel and program development.  Participants will leave this webinar inspired to:  design strategies to bridge the knowing-doing gap, increase person-centered services in their programs, and explore methods of deepening program-wide discussions in this topic area.


February 8, 2018
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM