T2.E4 Understanding Challenging Behaviors in the Workplace

Job coaching professionals often list “inappropriate workplace behaviors” as a primary reason for job loss. This can result in increased stigma for individuals with disabilities in the work place as well as high frustration levels for the staff that are charged with creating strategies to support long-term success. This course will focus on gaining an understanding of factors that contribute to workplace behaviors and the skills necessary for addressing them.

Individuals participating in this course will learn:

1.      Categories of challenging behaviors

2.      The genesis of challenging behaviors

3.      The importance of identifying challenging behaviors and the meanings behind them

4.      The critical importance of conducting a “Whole Person Analysis” and the impact of quality of life factors

5.      The prevalence of challenging behaviors in the workplace, and the implications of this for supported employment practice

6.      Strategies to do more than “manage” challenging behaviors in order to effectively resolve them

7.      Strategies for crisis management

8.      Our role in the process of understanding and managing challenging behaviors in the workplace

9.      The definition of maladaptive vs. adaptive behaviors

Individuals will be able to:

1.      Implement holistic approaches to avoid, minimize or eliminate the impact of challenging behaviors in the workplace

2.      Recognize the factors leading up to a crisis

3.      Provide sensitive, person-centered supported employment services, in order to reduce behaviors both in and out of the workplace

4.      View “challenging behaviors” from a different perspective



February 22, 2018
8:30 AM - 4:30 PM


Garden City, NY