NYS PROMISE Brunchtime Learning Community Webinar: 'Turning 18' with Adene Karhan


The 18th birthday is an exciting time for many youth, as it signifies the legal age of adulthood. However, the rights and responsibilities that come along with the 18th birthday can feel confusing and overwhelming for both parents and youth. This webinar will equip staff with an overview of some of the key topics that should be addressed with youth who are transitioning to the adult world. It will also provide resources that can be shared with families to help them navigate the adult systems. An extensive list of web links will be provided and posted on OTAC which contain tools that can be printed and shared with families.


This webinar will:

-Identify key topics of conversation to be discussing with youth who are turning 18.

-Review guardianship and alternatives to guardianship in New York State.

-Identify services that are available to youth who are entering the adult world (OPWDD, ILC’s, etc.



March 6, 2018
9:00 AM - 10:00 AM