T1.C1 Foundations of Supported Employment

This course will lay the foundation for understanding the ins and outs of providing effective, efficient and values-driven supported employment services. This is a training suitable for all supported employment providers looking to enhance their understanding of the history of and latest research in Supported Employment Service Delivery.

Individuals participating in this course will learn:
1.    The history, values and philosophy of supported employment
2.    The steps of the supported employment process
3.    Funding sources and models of supported employment
4.    Ethical principles associated with effective service delivery
5.    Person-centered services concepts

Individuals will be able to:
1.    Begin the implementation of person-centered supported employment services
2.    Begin to identify potential partners in the employment planning process
3.    Identify skills needed to provide quality supported employment services
4.    Identify their role and responsibilities in the supported employment process
5.    Perform initial quality assessments in their program


April 18, 2018
8:30 AM - 4:30 PM


Binghamton, NY