New York State Consortium for Advancement of Supported Employment (NYS CASE)


The New York State Consortium for Advancement of Supported Employment (NYS CASE) provides free professional development training and technical assistance to supported employment providers with a current contract with the New York State Education Department, Office of Adult Career and Continuing Educational Services - Vocational Rehabilitation. The Yang-Tan Institute, in collaboration with its partners, advances fidelity-based supported employment policy and practice throughout NYS, which leads to the integrated labor force participation of individuals with the most severe disabilities.

NYS CASE has designed and offers three certificates to advance the professional development of supported employment practitioners. This includes a certificate in Supported Employment Service Delivery, a certificate in Advanced Supported Employment Practice, and a certificate in Supported Employment Administration. Each tier of training contains both required core and elective courses--allowing the supported employment practitioner opportunity to customize their courses to best meet their professional development plans.

NYS CASE offers traditional face-to-face, blended, and distance learning coursework. This variety of learning approaches ensures that the learner can attach to and cultivate relationships within a community of practice, but also situate their learning within their work context to ensure knowledge translation. The NYS CASE team has backgrounds in vocational rehabilitation, supported employment, special education, psychology, organizational and human learning, and law.


NYS CASE provides effective trainings for supported employment professionals that establish the critical link between the learning environment and their actual work with supported employment recipients. Coursework focuses on supported employment, vocational rehabilitation, workforce development, special education, social insurance policy, and evidence-based practices leading to successful integrated employment outcomes for individuals with the most severe disabilities.

The NYS CASE implements a rigorous training agenda to accomplish these ends:

  1. Supports the establishment and monitoring of specific system and practice performance benchmarks.
  2. Situates learning opportunities and communities of practice to maximize knowledge translation into practice.
  3. Builds core competencies of both supported employment direct line and management personnel.
  4. Grants both basic and advanced certificates of competence, certificates of attendance, and rehabilitation counselor recertification credits
  5. Hones and develops practitioner ability to work more effectively with sub-populations that are the most vulnerable, and have the greatest impact on state performance (e.g. SSI/DI beneficiaries and transition-aged youth).
  6. Supports supported employment consumers in understanding the impact of earnings on benefits and making informed choices to work at full capacity.
  7. Enhances the service provider network in increasing the caliber and quality of job placements
  8. Serves both the service provider network and state system in improving the fidelity of supported employment services provided.
  9. Supports the system in learning across agencies and achievement of consistent service delivery standards and quality indicators.


Laurie Rocker, Project Assistant Phone: 607.255.4349 Email:


New York State Education Department, ACCES-VR


Thomas P. Golden


The Center for Human Services Education (a division of Heritage Christian Services), the N.Y.S. Association of Persons in Supported Employment , and the N.Y.S. Rehabilitation Association.