T5.C1 Career Development in the 21st Century

Employment services professionals find themselves in the position of balancing philosophy with outcomes. In our job placement roles we are measured by outcomes (# of placements and job retention). However, as the field progresses with a broadened constituency we are challenged to design and offer services and supports that promote whole-career planning. Partnerships for supporting vocational development at a younger age and wider vocational planning have become essential. This course will offer the opportunity for employment support professionals to equip themselves with the knowledge and skills to support job seekers with disabilities to reach their highest potential in today’s workforce.


Individuals participating in this course will learn:

  1. How career development theories and models can fit into their existing vocational services program design.
  2. How the changing face of the 21st-century workplace affects their work.
  3. Business partnership opportunities to promote exposure to an expanding labor market and the demand-side needs of employers.

4.     Skills to align work-based learning, assessment, and labor market information to create individualized career plans.

  1. Resources available to explore occupational trends, requirements and forecasts.


Individuals participating in this course will be able to:

  1. Apply career development theories to the re-design of their practice models.
  2. Access labor market information and interpret findings to influence career plan development.
  3. Create business partnerships to promote workplace learning and demand-side opportunities that lead to earlier exposure and experiences for youth seeking to design their career plans.
  4. Apply key concepts of the ADA to support their work with job seekers/workers with disabilities and employers.
  5. Expand their vision to align initial job placement strategies to fit into a longer-term career plan.
  6. Complete a career plan for themselves to demonstrate the techniques learned.


November 14, 2019
6:00 AM - 6:00 AM


Buffalo, NY