Center for Large Data Research and Data Sharing in Rehabilitation


The Center for Rehabilitation Research using Large Datasets (CRRLD) was funded in 2010 to build scientific capacity among rehabilitation scientists in research using large healthcare and administrative datasets.

The new Center funded in 2015, called the “Center for Large Data Research and Data Sharing in Rehabilitation”, will continue to build skills and expertise in large data research by focusing on education and learning experiences designed to promote collaborative research through pilot studies and visiting scholar programs. The Center will also focus on creating infrastructure and activities to support archiving and sharing information from completed rehabilitation research studies. The programs and activities supported by the Center will help the rehabilitation research community to meet the emerging challenges associated with large data, and become important contributors to healthcare reform and to the improvement of biomedical and rehabilitation health services research.


In collaboration with the University of Texas Medical Branch and the other consortium partners, this project has the following aims:

1. Expand the scope and enhance the utility of our data directory and other instructional material to help researchers find and access disability and rehabilitation-related datasets.

2. Provide educational activities covering fundamental skills and common challenges in secondary analysis of large data.

3. Describe various options and develop best-practice guidelines for archiving and sharing research data with other investigators.


William Erickson



National Institutes of Health - National Center for Medical Rehabilitation Research in the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development and the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (grant #2P2CHD065702-06)


Susanne Marie Bruyere


University of Texas Medical Branch and the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor