Disability Studies Program


The Yang-Tan Institute and Cornell University offer a wide array of courses focused on all aspects of disability. They afford interested students the opportunity to examine the experience of persons with disabilities across all domains of life, but focus primarily on their human rights and inequalities. This field of study is becoming increasingly important, because one in four households in the United States are now impacted by disability.


Courses in Disability Studies:

  • ILR LR 1200: Introduction to Disability Studies (Fall, 3 Credits)
  • ILR LR 2010/5010: Labor and Employment Law (Fall and Spring, 3 Credits)
  • ILR LR 2060: Writing Seminar in Law - Disability and Ethics (Fall, 3 Credits)*
  • ILR LR 2060: Writing Seminar in Law - Intersections of Disability Identity in the Law, Workplace, and Society (Spring, 3 Credits)*
  • ILR LR 2060: Writing Seminar in Law - Perspectives on Disability (Spring, 3 Credits)*
  • ILR ST 3030: Policy by the Numbers (Fall, 4 Credits)
  • ILR LR 3035: Special Topic in Labor Relations: Public Policy Issues in Labor and Employment (Fall, 4 Credits)
  • ILR LR 4023: Disability and Employment Policy (Spring, 7-weeks, 2 Credits)
  • ILR LR 4033: Disability Law (Spring, 4 Credits)
  • ILR IC 4360: Global Comparative Disability Policy (Fall, 4 Credits)
  • ILR HR 6410: Disability Considerations in Human Resource Policy and Practice (Spring, 7-weeks, 2 Credits)
  • ILR LR 6840: Employment Discrimination and the Law (Fall and Spring, 4 Credits)


Kate MacDowell, Program Coordinator