Our Work

YTI cultivates a unique combination of research and outreach. While our research provides the science to move communities forward around disability inclusion, our outreach communicates that information and creates meaningful change in areas such as community life, education, training, and work.

Our Process

YTI is unique due to its combination of researchers and practitioners, who focus on meaningful inclusion of people with disabilities in all aspects of life. We provide the science to move communities forward around disability inclusion.

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YTI helps to progress equal job opportunities, inclusive workplaces, and economic well-being for people with disabilities. View Projects Related to Workplace Issues

Improving inclusive education and successful adult living, learning and earning outcomes for youth with disabilities Using innovations and coursework to support pre- and post-service learning in authentic environments both domestically and globally. View Projects Related to Education & Learning

Advancing person-driven practices to promote leadership development and social inclusion with individuals with disabilities. View Projects Related to Community Inclusion

Supporting quality of life across the life span, through work/life balance, health and well-being. View Projects Related to Health & Well-being

Providing accessible, usable, and relevant disability statistics to people with disabilities, advocates, policymakers, researchers, and others. View Projects Related to Data

We recognize that the world of work for people with disabilities is constantly evolving. Our research and outreach continues to adapt to meet emerging need. Also, see our COVID-19 Resource Page. View Projects on Emerging Topics
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The Workplace Disability Inclusion course discusses the importance of inclusion for people with disabilities and the business case for aligning disability inclusion with a company’s strategic human-capital initiatives.

The Autism at Work course explores emerging Autism at Work employment programs; outlining implications for HR policies and practices in embracing a neurodiverse workforce. Learn More about the Courses

This YTIOnline course is the largest benefits planning program in the nation. Learn about work incentives and earn a WIP-C™ credential with our scientifically-validated curriculum. Learn More about the Credentialing Program

This YTI Online course explores ways to support the ideals of citizenship with and on behalf of people with disabilities who are vulnerable to social exclusion. Learn More about the Leadership Program

The Just-in-Time Program offers intensive training and a personalized toolkit to engage employees in implementing your organization's policies around disability inclusiveness. Learn More about the Toolkits

BenchmarkABILITY® is a self-assessment tool for organizations who are interested in the representation of people with disabilities in their workforce. Learn More about BenchmarkABILITY®
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