Connecting Practices to Outcomes: Lessons from the Federal Sector Workplace


Use federal sector secondary data and qualitative focus groups to assess the impact of employer practice adoption on the retention, advancement, separation, and workplace experience of individuals with disabilities.

Project Activities

Conduct mixed methods research in support of the following project objectives:

  1. Develop a thorough knowledge base of how diversity practice adoption impacts outcomes, such as disability representation, hiring, and advancement.
  2. Reveal whether diversity practice adoption moderates differential employee experiences and attitudes of individuals with disabilities and whether employee experiences and attitudes explain relationships between practice adoption and outcomes.
  3. Enhance our understanding of findings and increase relevance to our target audience of employers through focus groups of employer representatives and employees.
  4. Broadly share our findings.

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Contact Information

Sarah von Schrader

Funding Agencies


Principal Investigator

Sarah von Schrader (PI) and Hassan Enayati (Co-PI)

Collaborating Partners

Adrienne Colella (Tulane University), EEOC Office of Federal Operations, Office of Personnel Management