Convergence Accelerator Phase I (RAISE): Empowering Neurodiverse Populations for Employment through Inclusion AI and Innovation Science


This project aims to incorporate the experiences of individuals with ASD, educational institutions, community employment service providers, and employers into system design that will create deployable Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based tools and platforms.

YouTube video: NeuroAI@Work

Project Activities

  • Design a semi-structured interview protocol that allows for follow-up questions
  • Conduct preliminary field testing
  • Conduct interviews
  • Identify key themes
  • Use findings to inform project design, content, and potential deployment
  • More generally inform an understanding of challenges and needed changes in the interview process to be more inclusive of Autistic individuals
  • Inform how service skills can be enhanced, for those needing supports in customer-facing positions


Contact Information

Funding Agencies

National Science Foundation (NSF)

Principal Investigator

Susanne Bruyère (Co-PI)

Collaborating Partners

Vanderbilt University (Lead), Yale University, Georgia Tech University