Vocational Rehabilitation – Training, Education, and Development (VR-TED)


VR-TED is a collaboration with the NYS Adult Career and Continuing Education Services – Vocational Rehabilitation (ACCES-VR) agency to provide up to 800 hours of training and professional development to nearly 700 ACCES-VR counselors and staff across New York State. The project is funded through March of 2024.

The VR-TED team has backgrounds in vocational rehabilitation, supported employment, special education, psychology, social work, organizational learning, leadership, public administration, and law.

Project Activities

VR-TED will deliver an array of professional development opportunities to ACCES-VR staff. Topics will include ethics, trauma-informed practices, counseling in the context of full diversity and inclusion, collaborating with families, and dealing with grief.

VR-TED plans to offer traditional face-to-face opportunities, as well as blended and distance-learning options. With this variety of learning approaches, VR-TED learners will not only attach to and cultivate relationships within a community of practice, but also situate their learning within their work context to ensure knowledge translation.

Contact Information

GIna Oswald
Email: go67@cornell.edu

Funding Agencies

New York State Education Department, ACCES-VR

Principal Investigator

Gina Oswald

Collaborating Partners